City Wants Private Company to Build Public Pier in Greenpoint

07/13/2010 11:43 AM |

India Street waterfront Greenpoint brooklyn

Many sections of Greenpoint’s industrial waterfront, an as yet largely unaddressed section in the planned Brooklyn waterfront greenway stretching from Newtown Creek to Sunset Park, remain inaccessible (due in part to illegal fences) and very unwelcoming, but the city is hoping a private company will put up the money to create pristine public space. The Post reports that the city’s Economic Development Corp. is soliciting bids for the construction of a new public pier on mostly submerged city-owned property right where picturesque, factory-lined and cobblestoned Java Street reaches the river, a block from another city project to create a similar public pier at the end of India Street (pictured).

Nearby, also, are massive luxury condo projects featuring 47-story towers that will similarly involve waterfront refurbishing, all in all suggesting that the city is outsourcing a great deal of work on Greenpoint’s public spaces to predatory real estate speculators. (Brownstoner)