Crazy New Solution to the North Pacific Gyre’s Plastic Continent: Turn it Into Real Continent

07/06/2010 12:39 PM |

WHIM Recycled Island

It should hardly come as a surprise that the architecture firm floating a plan to turn the continent-sized conglomeration of plastic refuse swirling in the North Pacific Gyre into a thriving city of 500,000 is from the Netherlands. Those below sea level-dwelling Dutch at the firm WHIM want to turn that environmental disaster with ocean views into Recycled Island, thus becoming the second possible solution to a real world, man-made environmental disaster recently culled from Waterworld.

Once assembled through a complex process of collecting plastic from the Pacific, cleaning, melting and casting it into new forms, the archipelago would fit together like a big floating puzzle (rendered at right), with stronger sections reserved for homes, offices and other buildings and thinner ones for agriculture and so on. And if that works (the plan is not expected to be built), we can do the same with the Atlantic’s plastic continent! Environmentalists and real estate developers are going to be so happy. (WAN)