Day of the Locust Production Companies

07/08/2010 3:01 PM |

As Ben pointed out this morning, Williamsburg is getting a fancy new soundstage… Here’s the money-quote from the Brooklyn Paper story:

A new Hollywood-style soundstage is close to opening on Kent Avenue — a movie studio that could soon bring music videos and TV shows to a waterfront area already popular with production companies.

fake moon landing

Awesome, more production companies in the neighborhood. I love production companies. I love all the amazing TV shows that are filmed on my block and the teamsters that leer at women and the noise of the generators at 7am. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a dozen giant trailers and an army of production people colonizing a neighborhood, running generators night and day, all in an effort to add a lasting piece of art to the Western cannon in the form of a Denis Leary pilot. It truly inspires me and makes me happy. Damn it.