Dead Man, starring Jonny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton and Iggy Pop at SummerScreen Tomorrow

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07/27/2010 1:10 PM |

Tomorrow’s free screening of Dead Man will tell the mind-bending tale of how a clean shaven accountant named William Blake (Johnny Depp) set out to the Wild West, met an Indian named “Nobody,” and in turn was transformed into a strange native American spirit. All this in black and white film mind you!

So put down the peyote and come to this week’s SummerScreen for Dead Man, featuring an all-star award winning cast including John Hurt, Billy Bob Thornton, and Iggy Popp, who breaks out of his typecast mold and wears a bonnet for his role as “Sally.”

All these men are too pretty to be cowboys you say? Bonnets are for pilgrims, not gunslingers? Well there ain’t no rules in the Wild West, just like there were no rules in 1995 when Jim Jarmusch made this moving picture. So put that in you pipe and smoke it. And hand it over, the movie starts in 24 hours.

As always, please arrive at the McCarren Park Ballfields (on N12th and Beford) at 6 pm to check out the live music shows curated by Free Williamsburg (Northside-fest alums ARMS is playing along with Hymns who will be playing all Neil Young songs), enter our Fandango Contest, and drink some Sixpoint and eat all the San Loco, Asia Dog, Porchetta , and Red Hook Lobster Pound you can get your mouth on.

And for all of you cowboys and cowgirls who don’t need to rush back to your lofted studio bales of hay after the movie, Pete’s Candy Store is having an after party with $3 pints of Six Point Sweet Action and a $9 Panini and Six Point special for the first 50 Pete’s cardholders. You can pick up your Pete’s card at the SummerScreen front desk at the entrance to the park.

See you tomorrow!