Delta Airliner Grooms Salvador Dali ‘Stache (and 3 Other Artsy Commercial Jets)

07/29/2010 12:11 PM |

Salvador DAli airplane mustache delta high art museum

Yesterday, Delta unveiled the above Boeing 757 emblazoned with Salvador Dali’s iconic mustache to promote an exhibition of the surrealist’s late works at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. There’s a long tradition of adorning airliners with artistic designs, stretching all the way back to, at the very least, British Airways’ 1997 World Tails series (kind of like the BMW Art Car of the airline industry). A brief airliner art history, sorta, after the jump.

Matabo Kayama’s British Airways tail design for the World Tails series.

British Airways World Tails airplane art

Sally Tuffin does M.C. Escher, also for the British Airways World Tails series.

Sally Tuffin M.C. Escher British Airways World Tails Airplane art

“Telle mère tel fils” (2008) by Adel Abdessemed. (Loosely based on the Airplane! poster?)

Adel Abdessemed airplane