Domino Sugar Plant-To-Condos Conversion Approved for South Williamsburg

07/30/2010 11:19 AM |

Domino Sugar Plant Condos

After the City Planning Commission signed off on it last month, yesterday the City Council gave CPC Resources the final go-ahead to turn Southside Williamsburg’s landmarked Domino Sugar Plant into a 2,200-unit condo development. The developer promised to make 30 percent of those units below market-rate, although there’s nothing keeping them from lowering that percentage to the standard 20. The only other major modification made at the last minute was the chopping down of the project’s two tallest towers from 40 to 34 stories. Don’t worry: they’ll be made more stout so that each will contain the same number of apartments. Groundbreaking on the first phase of the Rafael Viñoly-designed project is planned for late 2011. Plenty of time to lament the loss of another majestic industrial ruin. (Curbed, Brownstoner)