Feds Selling Three Scenic New York Lighthouses for Cheap!

07/08/2010 2:29 PM |

Old Orchard Light Station

The Latimer Reef Lighthouse, Old Orchard Light Station (pictured), and West Bank Lighthouse, beautiful waterfront properties off Long Island and Staten Island that the Federal Government has been trying to get rid of for a while now, are currently up for auction online, though so far the first has earned one $10,000 bid, and the others are still awaiting a minimum starting bid $5,000. There are no closing dates on any of the auctions, but if you’re a movie villain looking for a spot to set up your secret base you should probably peep this Wall Street Journal piece on the auctions, in which Bob Trapani Jr., a big-wig at the American Lighthouse Foundation, estimates that restoring these lighthouses into private living spaces could cost anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million. Plus, you know, the cost of eternal loneliness. Don’t worry; we’d come visit you. (Curbed)