Funny Web Series You Should Watch Tackles Difficulties of Making a Funny Web Series You Should Watch

07/15/2010 4:02 PM |

Little Cat Version of Me is a mockumentary web series about the making of “Little Cat Version of Me,” an amazing and nonexistent web series (kind of like that Tenacious D song, “Tribute“). In it, roommates, struggling actors and would-be viral video-makers Adam and Mitch try to come up with an idea for a series that would take advantage of the internet’s two most popular types of video (breasts and cats, fyi). In doing so, they make a very funny series of madcap brainstorm sessions that are almost as good as the show they’re trying to make (it’s got clowns, nerdy arguments, crazy club nights and ringtones). Their quest for the perfect webseries begins below, in episode 1.

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