Gallery Launches Limited Edition Print Scavenger Hunt Via Foursquare and Twitter

07/12/2010 9:03 AM |

Mission Edition

Here’s a way to get people engaged with your gallery’s summer group show: make original prints of selected pieces from the exhibition and scatter them across the city, dropping hints via Twitter (@missionedition) and Foursquare (MissionEdition), sending fans and followers on a city-wide scavenger hunt for free contemporary art goodies. The gallery behind Mission Edition, Christina Ray in Soho, has already given out one edition, which was picked up on Thursday evening, but the next one could be dropped at any moment. The six artists whose works will be hidden for the hunt are Ryan Brennan, Amanda Burnham, Judith Hoffman, Joe Iurato, Pim Palsgraaf and Alex Waxman, all of which makes this a show well worth following—whether or not the old “give them free stuff and they will come back” approach holds true to galleries remains to be seen. (ArtDaily)

One Comment

  • I recently found out that Microsoft is using a fancy online scavenger hunt to advertise Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. The Allure Bays Corp. microsite ( celebrates the rich history of easter eggs in Microsoft products from the fun (the flight simulator in Excel 97) to the odd (Hall of Tortured Souls in Excel 95) and has several humorous videos!

    I work for M80 (a social media marketing firm) and we were hired by Microsoft to help with this Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 advertising campaign.