Get Your Work Shown at DIY Bushwick Gallery Centotto

07/16/2010 1:32 PM |


L Mag friend and contributor Paul D’Agostino runs the art gallery Centotto out of his apartment at #108, 250 Moore Street in Bushwick and this summer, for the second year in a row, he’s inviting friends, acquaintances random internet people and total strangers to contribute to an exhibition.

Getting your work into Citational Graphologies, or A Show of Hands couldn’t be easier: participants are asked to write a quotation from any source they please (cited appropriately, Chicago or MLA) by hand on any type of paper support they wish (cardboard, postcard, parchment, etc.) and mail to Centotto (250 Moore Street #108, Brooklyn, NY 11206) or deliver it by hand. Every work submitted will be hung. Paul provides required reading to artists hanging in his space, but in this case you’re merely recommended to have read up on Graphology before or after completing your entry. Commence quotation search!