Guy Leaps Into Gowanus from Moving F-Train in Found Footage of 1930 Parkour

07/19/2010 3:58 PM |

This is both incredibly cool, and unbelievably gross: Yesterday someone uploaded footage of an unnamed New Yorker performing amazing prototypic parkour feats in 1930. These daredevil acts include, far as I can tell, hopping onto the back of a Manhattan-bound F as it leaves the 4th Avenue and 9th Street station, climbing onto the roof of the moving train and somersaulting into the Gowanus (sequence begins at :55). Maybe this explains his mutant-like climbing skills…


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  • That’s an awesome video but I’m not sure those are the subway stations you think they are. The viaduct over the Gowanus is higher and constructed out of concrete, and the subway platforms are built directly over the canal, so you couldn’t jump from a train right into the water. And those stations didn’t open until 1933.

  • @subway: Well…I sort of suspected this might be the case. While the accuracy of the video’s vintage is dubious at best (can’t trust YouTube, ya know?), between the Empire State Building looming far away ahead of the train, and the dock cranes off to the left as the jumper runs along the top of the train, I couldn’t think of anywhere else that footage could be shot. Ideas?