Happy Birthday and Thanks for All the Free Booze, Rooftop Films, indieWire and Snag Films

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07/15/2010 12:13 PM |


The joint birthday party, held by friends whose parents all got busy around the same time, is seemingly a summer rite for every peer group, and the independent film community is apparently no different: tonight, the summer screening and afterparty series Rooftop Films celebrates its 13th, with help from the indie film news and culture site indieWire (born 1996) and the two-year-old Snag Films, an online home for free independent documentaries.

Like every joint early-adolescent/toddler birthday party, the main event is a new unheralded indie—Aardvark, about a blind man and his jiu-jitsu instructor—and the party will be held on a roof—the Open Road Rooftop, on the Lower East Side. And also like a summer combo birthday party, there will be live music before and, yes, an open bar after. Here’s all you need to know.