Has Williamsburg’s Classic Diner and Bar Relish Really Closed?

07/19/2010 2:17 PM |

Relish Diner Closed

The restaurant rumor mill claims that Relish (whose website, you’ll note, is now blank), the classic diner at North 3rd and Wythe in Williamsburg with the awesome brunch, sunny patio, strong cocktails and non-stop film shoot schedule, has closed. Gothamist points us to a (former) employee’s Facebook profile, where she writes: “RIP Relish…All I know is Sandy told them yesterday (Sunday) he was closing today (Monday). That’s a lot of my friends who are great workers and people who need jobs. Sucks.” Indeed. The restaurant is being used for a photo shoot today, so it’s possible that “We’re closing Monday” was taken to mean “closing forever” when it really meant “closing for a one-day photo shoot.” At least let’s hope that that’s what happened.