Help Us Bring This Summerscreen Missed Connection Together!

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07/12/2010 1:34 PM |


Hey, were you at Summerscreen last week for Say Anything? Were any of your friends? Are you now, or have you ever been, or known, a young dude with a “frock of curly blondish ginger hair under [a] dark fedora type hat”? Perhaps you saw, in the beer line or while sitting down, a young woman in “a dark blue with white polka dot romper [with] crazy curly hair [who] was being a bit loud”. If so, you should be advised of this Missed Connection posted to Craigslist on Friday afternoon.

Dear friends of the L, Summerscreen attendees, and Brooklyn and the internet at large: Spread the word. Let’s bring these two crazy kids together. This is, I believe, our first Summerscreen missed connection—it’s a big deal for us, and we’d really like to do it right. If you think you might know either of these people, email tips [at] thelmagazine [dot] com… or else just go on with replying on Craislist, we suppose. In any case, let’s get the word out, and then maybe arrange for the guy in the fedora to stand outside the girl in the romper’s window, holding up his iPhone and playing Yeasayer.