Hi From France: Seriously, I’m On Vacation, Blogging, Ugh

07/14/2010 8:47 AM |


  • Me and the wife. (Actually, this is Kathe Kollwitz’s “Scene from Zola’s Germinal.”

I’m writing this post in secret, so my lovely wife won’t notice (and then beat me with one of those old-fashioned conical brooms, like a fishwife out of Zola). I’m two hours south of Paris deep in the heart of chateaux country, staying in a 17th-century “cottage” in the middle of old-school royal hunting grounds (former swampland that was engineered into deer and boar parks about 400 years ago), eating a lot of croissants, finishing a novel. And yes, all of this is true (we’re house- and dog-sitting for friends), so I really can’t explain to you why I’m taking a break from my first vacation in 18 months to check in… Except that I love you all.

I will now take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Bastille Day and tell you I’ll probably be heading here to take in the festivities (that’s about 20 minutes from where I’m staying). Ok, then, now I’m gonna go for a run along some deer paths (seriously). Bye.