I Hate You and Your Fancy Expensive Cupcakes, All of You

07/30/2010 2:36 PM |


I didn’t write about this at the time (because it was too sad), but back in late May my dear wife and I went to the last four nights of legendary Upper East Side restaurant Gino (Sinatra’s regular joint), largely because it was where she spent most of her childhood. (No, she wasn’t an adorable ten-year-old barback, her father basically lived there. Kind of like, you know, her.)

So we were very, very sad to learn that Gino—a preserved-in-amber specimen of fine old New York eateries—was closing up shop after 65 glorious years… to be replaced by a Beverly Hills cupcake concern, some stupid fucking thing called “Sprinkles,” beloved of stupid fucking celebrities. It really couldn’t get any more galling than that. (Here’s a pic of the gutted Gino, not for the faint of heart.)

Granted, there’s nothing new about hating on all the ridiculously moronic high-end cupcake shops in this city, but all of the aforementioned pain and anger came flooding back to me when I read breathless news this morning of a fancy new cupcake shop opening in a couple weeks just up the hill in Brooklyn Heights, Crumbs.

So, though it may be a purely symbolic gesture, the only way I think I can deal with my grief and rage is to hereby vow to never, ever again eat a fancy store-bought NYC cupcake, until the day I die.

RIP Gino.