In Post-Soviet Russia, Anti-Tourist Gangs Try To Drown You

07/27/2010 5:07 PM |

St Petersburg attempted tourist drowning

I’m not sure about New York City, but in Montreal there’s a whole police squad on weekends that picks up drunk Americans along the major bar and (strip) club strips, roughs them up and drops them off at the U.S. border. St. Petersburg cops have it pretty sweet, though: the local anti-tourist vigilantes do all the work for them. In what is apparently becoming a trend (I think; my Russian skills aren’t what they never were), WarNet reports that some young St. Petersburgers with bandannas over their faces outfitted a young newbie with quick-dry concrete slippers and tried to throw him into the Neva River. For the fluent, an un-subtitled news report on the attempted tourist-tossing will make everything clear, after the jump.