Indonesia’s Anti-Drunk Driving Ads End More Violently Than Ours

07/06/2010 4:35 PM |

Whatever happened to the simple but effective visual analogies of anti-drunk driving TV ads like this one? Apparently that doesn’t quite get the message across anymore (at least not on Indonesia’s QTV network), so you have to set up an idyllic yuppie party at the end of which the host’s best friend and his pregnant wife get in their car to leave, all smiling and glowing, before said host blows their brains all over the dashboard. After a brief conference with my colleague Henry Stewart, I still can’t decide whether the intended message is: “letting friends drive drunk is basically the same as killing them” or, as Henry suggested, “you should shoot your friends if they try to drive drunk.” Readers, I’m so confused (and scared); which one is it? (ANIMAL)