It’s Canada Day, Again? Ugh.

07/01/2010 12:26 PM |

Man, it seems like I’m writing a Canada Day post every second month, embedding some Joni Mitchell or Stompin’ Tom video, mentioning hockey or poutine or socialism. God, the years are just falling away like so many water skiers from a stunt pyramid on Lake Rosseau (anyone?).

Well, Happy Friggin’ Canada Day, or as we like to call it back home, Free Agent Frenzy Day (ahem, hockey). So here’s to universal healthcare and the Leafs signing Ilya Kovalchuk (why not, right?). And here’s my dear mother’s favorite song, “The Log Driver’s Waltz,” as sung by the lovely McGarrigle sisters for this iconic CBC animation. This is as Canadian as it gets. [Wipes tear from eye, picks fight with third-line plugger.]