It’s Hard to Believe, but Some Shit Went Down at M.I.A.’s Record Release Party Last Night

07/12/2010 12:31 PM |


M.I.A.’s invite-only record release party last night at P.S. 1 ended quicker than you can figure out how to say ///Y/ (It’s “Maya;” so clever), with cops making an appearance two songs into her set. According to The Voice, doors to the outdoor show opened at 7pm and supporting acts, the ever-fashionable Ninjasonik and Rye Rye, wrapped things up around 8:30pm. So far, so good. Then came an hour lag with M.I.A. not taking the stage until 9:30 or so, which wouldn’t have been so bad if that wasn’t the same time the show was supposed to be ending. So the cops came, people were chased inside, I imagine complaints were exchanged among attendees, perhaps even a few curse words mumbled by Ms. Arulpragasam herself, specialty cocktails were drank, parachute shorts were discussed (to wear or not to wear?), and M.I.A. played a short encore about an hour later indoors. The end.