Jelly NYC Pool Parties Announced, Then Unannounced, But Basically Still Announced

07/02/2010 8:56 AM |


Man, there is some ridiculous shit going on with the Jelly NYC Pool Parties announcement right now. At around 5pm yesterday, Stereogum posted a rather legit looking flyer from the Jelly folks (at right), and then promptly took it down a little before 7pm. Brooklyn Vegan re-posted and kept it up, and then in the comments, someone, allegedly Kristina Pedicone from Jelly NYC, said this:

I work for Jelly and I just want to say that Stereogum are a bunch of douche bags who hacked our site and stole that flyer!! Fuck you!

It seems hard to believe anyone from Jelly would actually behave like this, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. Also, I don’t know how one would “hack” into a website and steal an image, but there are lots of things I don’t know about that sort of thing.

The problem, I guess, was that Jelly said there would be an announcement on July 1, and that come end of business day, there had still been nothing. In fact, come this morning, there’s still no official word. Their site is currently a blank screen with “ALMOST DONE!!!” written in whatever that space is called up above the address bad. All of this went down, mind you, after someone posted a fake schedule on Twitter yesterday morning.

Anyway, all signs point toward the schedule on the flyer being the real deal. Cap’n Jazz is the big one for me, because of the year I was born and the music I liked when I was 19.

July 11
Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof play Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Why?, Fang Island, Pictureplane

July 18
Murder City Devils, Obits, Jeff the Brotherhood, Silverghost

July 25
Cap’n Jazz, Lightning Bolt, No Age, The Death Set

August 1 (at Brooklyn Bowl)
TBA Block Party

Auugst 8
Cut Copy, Memory Tapes, Glasser, Restless People

August 15
!!!, Lee Fields, The Strange Boys, Future Islands

August 22
Chromeo, TBA, The Suzan, Telephoned

August 29
“Super Special Guests”, Delorean, Dominique Young Unique

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