Jennifer Lopez to Destroy the Most Successful Show on Television

07/30/2010 10:11 AM |


I have a hard time caring too much about American Idol until it’s actually on (and even then, it’s occasionally a chore), but this is pretty big news: After only one year on the show, Ellen Degeneres has announced that she won’t be coming back next season. She said her schedule became too difficult to manage, and added that she never liked criticizing contestants, which is admirable, but also exactly the reason she did such a bad job last year She was super likable of course, but sheesh. Not good.

So with Simon also gone, that left two empty seats at the judges table, one of which is now reportedly being filled by, oh god, Jennifer Lopez, arguably the worst singer of any pop star in recent memory, and certainly one of the least relevant right now. There’s also no real reason to think she’ll have anything of any value to say about contestants who’ve set their sights on anything other than hilariously outdated dance-pop, which of course accounts for approximately all of them. This is not gonna go well.

Rumor has it the fourth judge will be named on Monday. Elton John and Justin Timberlake’s names keep coming up. Either would probably be fine, though Justin would be a far bigger get. Only time will tell, I suppose. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.