Jenny and Johnny Album Gets a Release Date, Plus Another New Photo

07/09/2010 9:37 AM |


Jenny and Johnny, the new band featuring Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice, will release their debut full-length, I’m Having Fun, on August 31. It’s available for pre-order here, and its very good first single, “Scissor Runner,” is available here. Within a few weeks of the album’s release, the band will play shows opening up for Superchunk, Belle and Sebastian and Pavement (including the one at the Waterfront). Not bad for your first tour, I guess. In the meantime, we’ll all just stay tuned for what is sure to be an impressive barrage of flirty press photos in which Jonathan Rice is barely visible.

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  • Maybe it’s OK if he gets downplayed in the photos; I’ve seen little evidence that Rice adds anything to J-Lew’s music (in fact, his songwriting contributions to Acid Tongue seemed to be among that record’s least-liked tunes, although that whole album was underrated and almost as good as Rabbit Fur Coat). He seems sort of like a version of one of those similarly minded but more talented guys from those circles (Blake from Rilo Kiley; M. Ward; Conor Oberst) that probably doesn’t butt heads with Lewis as much. And I say that as someone who will buy this album the day it comes out.

  • Aaaand I just realized I made more or less the same comment last time there was a post about Jenny & Johnny so clearly I think about this too much.