Kanye West’s 5 Shittiest Rhymes, Including New Kid Cudi Single “Erase Me”

07/20/2010 10:05 AM |

Kanye Wests Shittiest Lyrics

Kanye West is a pretty stinky MC, but he also seems to rhyme about actual feces more often and in more literal ways than most rappers of his stature. This seems strange, doesn’t it? For instance, on the recently released lead single “Erase Me” off Kid Cudi’s sophomore album, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, dropping the same date as Kanye’s next, Good Ass Job (September 14), Kanye likens writers block to, well, constipation, and makes some sort of disgusting analogy between his girlfriend and diarrhea. That’s almost the worst of Kanye’s 5 shittiest rhymes.

5. On “Barry Bonds”: “Talked it then he lived it, spit it, then he shit it/I don’t need writers, I might bounce ideas/but only I could come up with some shit like this.”

4. On “Jesus Walks,” quoting Happy Gilmore, but nevertheless: “They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us/saying “we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.”/Huh? Y’all eat pieces of shit? What’s the basis?”

3. On T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us”: “How it feel to wake up and be the shit, and the urine?”

2. On Kid Cudi’s “Erase Me” (download here): “The height of her shopping was writers blocking me/I couldn’t get my shit out anyway/I hope you die Rhea.”

1. On Rick Ross’s “Maybach Music 2”: “If B.I. was alive, he’d prolly have the two-tone/with the Grey Poupon, anything ‘ye poop on/will explode, cause I am the shit and this is my commode.”

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  • Kanye’s a kickass rapper but, more to the point, Lil Wayne makes at least twice as many poop references.

  • bullshit..kanyes a class act!!

  • I would like to see if the person who wrote this could think of better rhymes prolly not.

  • Whoaaaaaaa crying much? Be honest, kanye has gone downhill, and doesnt even deserve to be in this song. His lyrics are fucking terrible! Crawl out of kanyes ass.

  • Kanye is a ‘pretty stinky MC’? Maybe next time you should get someone who actually knows something about good hip hop to write your articles.

  • @Lukem, h-o-v-a, thisisgay and Milney: I don’t for a minute mean to downplay Kanye West’s incredible contributions to hip-hop as probably the most important rap producer since Dr. Dre, but if you honestly think he’s a good MC it must because you’re only listening to his amazing beats.

  • Kanye has gone downhill???
    Kanye has been killin’ it on the mic and Erase Me just happens to be the worse verse Ye has had in years along with his verse on Forever…

    Do yourself a favor guys and go listen to Put On{Young Jeezy}, Make Her Say{Kid Cudi}, Kinda Like a Big Deal{The Clipse}, Run This Town{Jay-Z}, Anything But Him{Mr. Hudson}, Hurricane{30 Seconds to Mars}, Live Fast Die Young{Rick Ross}, Monster, Power, I’m So Appalled, Glenwood{Big Sean}, Gifted{N.A.S.A.}.

  • i wanna see all the haters try and rap like he does. if you look at all those songs yeah its kind of disgusting but he does “kill that SHIT”. theres nastier things on the internet and tv and movies so find another way to diss him.

  • How can this person write on hip hop and he doesn’t even know Wayne spits more doodoo rap than anyone…please get some new writers.

  • What can I say? He’s a mainstream RnB artist.