Leading Designers Create Custom Fixed Gear Bikes for Charity

07/16/2010 3:34 PM |

Designer fixed gear bikes

The environmentalist non-profit ACT Responsible asked 12 leading designers to customize 12 fixed gear bikes, which will be auctioned off at an as yet undetermined date, although if the Damien Hirst x Lance Armstrong bike is anything to go by, they will be basically unaffordable. However, they sure are pretty! Bikes by Antik Batik founder Gabriella Cortese (left) and Kenzo founder Kenzo Takada (right) are pictured above, and other participating designers include Jean-Claude Jitrois of Jitrois and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Check ’em all out here. Surely tenants with bike valet will be the best buyers for the fashionable fixies. (TreeHugger)