Live-Blogging Brazil-Netherlands (Final, 1-2) from apexart

07/02/2010 10:15 AM |

Men With Balls at apexart

This morning I’m live-blogging the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup quarterfinal match from the Tribeca gallery apexart (291 Church Street at White Street), whose current exhibition, Men With Balls (curated by philosopher Simon Critchley, who’s sitting right next to me), brings together works that feature, borrow from or allude the World Cup in some way or another. If you’re in the area come by to watch this game, and the rest, as apexart will be screening every remaining game in the tournament as part of their exhibition.

Game over, Dutch win 2-1. Gentleman in the back of the apexart seating section upon seeing the Brazilian goalie walking off the field, his head hung: “Ouch! Ouch.”

Incredible opportunity for the Netherlands, but no nail-in-the-coffin goal.

Simon: “Brazil hasn’t scored a single goal on a free kick this tournament, I don’t think. That used to be their specialty.”

All the seats have more or less filled up, and the apexart crowd is gasping at every possession.

Time slipping away, both sides with good opportunities in the late-going.

Brazil, not used to making comebacks, are struggling to create opportunities with one man disadvantage. Almost got something just then, corner coming.

Simon: “This referee’s quite good actually. Japan was good this year; I wished they’d made it a little further than they did.”

Momentum shifting irrevocably towards the Dutch side.

Melo, following an ostensible own goal, is sent off. Simon: “He’s a dead man back in Brazil!”

The Netherlands take the lead on another spectacular corner off a double-header! Put in finally by Sneijder.

Kaka gets a golden opportunity, but shoots wide. Yellow cards being handed out at an impressive rate. Simon: “Someone’s going to get sent out in this game.”

The Dutch come very close to taking the lead, but an uncalled handball helps diffuse the situation.

Simon: “England’s loss to Germany last week will take years to wear off. The trauma from that loss…”

Dutch goal deemed an own goal. Really?

Dutch equalize on a beautiful long shot tapped in just slightly by the Brazilian defender. Momentum shifting…

Simon (we’re on a first name basis now), just offered me a beer: “We’ve got Budweiser, Modelo and Heineken. My carefully curated selection.”

Simon Critchley, who curated Men With Balls, just showed me sheet music for the World Cup’s vuvuzela composition as the second half gets underway.

Halftime at apexart. Two Brazil supporters are playing foosball in the gallery, another, more neutral viewer, is watching Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait on one of the half-dozen or so screens on the gallery walls.

Brazil almost makes it 2-0 on the last play of the half, but the Dutch goalkeeper makes a superb save.

Robbin gets a chance but is surrounded by Brazilian defenders.

Crowd keeps trickling into darkened apexart space, seats filling up.

With halftime looming, still plenty of opportunities for resilient Brazil, who will presumably relent somewhat in the second half.

But not too annoyed to chuckle at Fabiano’s crotch shot on Dutch defender.

Couple of viewers sporting Brazil memorabilia on the raised seats at apexart getting annoyed with perceived Dutch flopping.

Impressive free kick for the Netherlands, but Julio Cesar is all over it..

Tricky tap on that corner kick. Another Dutch opportunity squandered.

Thickly, ambiguously accented gentleman behind me: “What a save! What a shot, but what a save!”

Brazil could play conservatively with this lead, but here they are pushing the ball, getting corners and free kicks. Not really giving the Netherlands much room to create plays. Almost got number 2.

Got here ten minutes late (saw a huge green and yellow-clad crowd already spilling out onto the street at Miss Flavela in Williamsburg), and already a crowd of ten in apexart’s back room watching the wall-sized projection, Brazil up 1-0.

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  • That was football as art. Brazil playing simply incredible football – faster stronger better passing more determined than Holland. Dutch lucky not to be down 3-0. Nicest play was the run by Robinho and some krazy combination play that Kaka almost converted if not for the diving save by the keeper. Great through pass on the goal. The tricky corner by the Dutch was one of the dumbest plays I’ve ever seen.

  • Terrible mistake by the keeper! This right after some shameful diving by Robben and Van Bommel trying to get ref to book Bastos with a second yellow. Spanish influence still strong in Holland, I see…

  • it was off the defenseman’s head.

  • People are screaming on the street! slight delay on this feed…

  • Unbelievable, what was he thinking?! Can’t believe he stepped on his leg intentionally.

  • Lalas was the only guy to call this for Holland if I’m not mistaken last night on the ESPN quarter finals preview. Gullitt called it for Brazil and Macca called him a traitor! I’m freaking drained, a game of two halves. Shades of 1950. Brazilians are crying in the street in Astoria.

  • In case you were there for the talk yesterday, this is the vid of Totti giving “birth” that the guy couldn’t find:…

  • Ha, thanks, nice YouTube research. As it happens I’m working on a recap of the talk right now, so stay tuned.