Movie Aliens Moving to East Williamsburg for Men in Black 3

07/16/2010 11:21 AM |

Alien Warehouse

Jonny’s anti-production company rant isn’t working: Yesterday Crain’s reported that the production company behind the upcoming third installment in the immigration allegory franchise Men in Black—a little outfit called Columbia Pictures—will be renting out a massive warehouse in East Williamsburg to store alien props, vehicles and serve as offices for the film when it starts shooting in Manhattan in September. The 100,000 square foot warehouse, way out at 15 Rewe Street on the banks of Newtown Creek, probably won’t be too disruptive for the locals since there are virtually none, and maybe Will Smith will even drop by Roberta’s or 3rd Ward between shoots. And if the effects folks from Columbia need any extra aliens they can probably just fish a mutant or two out of the creek. (Curbed)