New Blog Tells You What Famous Writer You Most Write Like

07/15/2010 1:01 PM |


No clue how in the world this works or if there’s any legitimacy to it, but there’s a new blog called I Write Like that, using a “statistical analysis tool,” claims to “analyze your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of famous writers.” Copy and paste a few paragraphs of your writing into a blank field, click a button, and — ta da! — feel smarter than you probably are when a name like David Foster Wallace appears, as it did when I tried it out with a music review I’m working on, thank you very much.

To procrastinate from finishing said music review, I copied an excerpt of Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman; he most writes like Stephenie Meyer, the chick who writes the Twilight series. Hmm. A gave the first few paragraph’s of Dave EggersA Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius a whirl; he also got David Foster Wallace. When I submitted part of a short story that David Foster Wallace wrote for The New Yorker, it apparently was extremely similar to something that Stephen King would write, which makes me worry that the Internet might be lying.

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