Not Wanting Sneakers Sullied in Scotland, Eminem Refuses to Walk 40 Feet to Stage

07/12/2010 3:35 PM |

Eminem white sneakers

Sometimes, music festivals are in rural areas where there is dirt, and sometimes it rains during such music festivals, causing great areas of mud in which concertgoers invariably start mosh pits, and everybody gets a little dirty. Except Eminem and his pristine sneakers. In case of inclement weather you’ll have to hire a bus to drive the white rapper with the white sneakers forty feet from his trailer to the stage, as organizers at this past weekend’s T In The Park festival in Scotland were forced to do after Em refused to make the short walk and risk getting his sneakers muddy.

He reportedly wore plastic bags on his feet to get from his trailer to the waiting bus. No word on whether he plastic bagged it again from the bus to the stage, but his fans were still happy to see him and his clean sneakers despite the one hour delay. I guess when you’re single-handedly saving the recording industry people will overlook your awful behavior. (HipHopDX)

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