One Year Later: Some Williamsburgers Still Angry About Kent Avenue Bike Lane!

07/02/2010 2:25 PM |

Kent avenue bike lane

It was almost a year ago already that the plans for a revised, bike-friendly, internal combustion engine-limiting Kent Avenue from North to South Williamsburg were announced, with only one lane for cars and trucks, going north, making it necessary for southbound vehicles to take a different route. They’re supposed to take Union Avenue, but because that’s a few blocks away and Wythe Avenue is right there, most are taking that predominantly residential road. Now, thanks in part to a Brooklyn Paper article (and ensuing Gothamist “discussion“), all of last summer’s animosity between entitled cyclists, entitled motorists and irritated locals has re-erupted.

Well, sort of. The tone of the comments battle is surprisingly civil, actually, and most agree that the problem isn’t the bike lane, but the absence of adequate alternatives for trucks and other commercial vehicles. Happily, there are still drivers making arguments such as this: “You bikers are not paying anything to the city like registration, insurance, no business for body shops etc. bikers are not givers only takers!! You should be shame of your self for being selfish!!!” Don’t be selfish this holiday weekend; ride your bike everywhere.