Pete Wentz Has Some Sort of Silly New Band, Maybe

07/01/2010 11:22 AM |


In a note posted on his personal blog, A Homeboy’s Life, Fall Out Bot bassist and husband of Ashleigh Simpson Pete Wentz announced the existence of a new band called, idiotically, Bl4ck C4rds. Get it? Because the 4s looks like As? Fuck. 4nyway, “There will be no treasure hunt, not viral campaign [sic?],” he assured us. “Just the opposite—next week things will appear on this site in a very controlled distribution.” He also wants us to know it’s totally cool if we think it sucks: “If you enjoy it, keep coming back. If its not for you than [sic] we understand.” Sounds reasonable.

There’s currently a snippet of a track streaming on the band’s site. It has this skittering, kind of old-timey feel to it, while an ill-advised explosion of glossy, over-done dance-pop seems imminent. No one seems to know who else is in the band just yet, but there’s a woman singer who, sadly, does not appear to be 4shleigh. But who knows… they can do an awful lot in studios nowadays, you know? [Gigwise]