Pitchfork Unveils a New Feature Allowing Viewers to Decide From Which Angle They’d Like to Watch a Band Perform to an Empty Room

07/28/2010 10:36 AM |


Last night, Pitchfork.tv unveiled a new feature series called “POV,” in which a band performs live, and the viewer has the ability to switch between six possible camera angles. You can watch the whole band, you can watch the bassist, you can watch the drummer, or… you get the point.

The first installment features Broken Social Scene, who run through three songs—”Texico Bitches,” “Meet Me in the Basement” and an untitled improvisational thing. It’s interesting enough, I guess, but I remain confused by Pitchfork’s insistence on recording bands playing to empty rooms. They did it with the Hold Steady at Union Pool a little while back, and that was similarly awkward and not really any fun at all to watch. I’ll be on board with this if they start doing it at crowded, presumably more energetic shows, and there’s no real reason to think they won’t, I guess.