Public Piano Gutted, Destroyed

07/02/2010 12:02 PM |

What is this? The Bronx ca. 1974?

  • What is this? The Bronx ca. 1974?

What the fuck, New York? One of the public pianos has been destroyed in Astoria, the Queens Gazette reported. As in, the keys were removed. And the inside stuff taken.

A replacement piano was sent to a different part of Queens (now that this spot has been compromised). But what happened here? Was some meth-addict stealing supplies to build his own piano? Cuz, actually, that would be kinda cool…

Er, no! Those pianos were to make beautiful public art, vandal! And then to donate to kids after the project was over! We had high hopes of an urban piano utopia! Not this! God, not this!

“We are trying our best to keep the other pianos safe,” a piano official told the paper. But all pianos are in danger! New York, form vigilante nightgangs or our pianos are fucked! The ones in Queens anyway. (This is why people make fun of you, Queens.)