reBar Spreading Along Front Street, Plans to Rename Brooklyn ‘Hood reDumbo

07/22/2010 12:22 PM |


Following the very exciting news that Dumbo is getting a “Gastropub Theater” about which Mark wrote on Tuesday, Brownstoner remarks that reBar, the cafe/restaurant/bar/exhibition/event space behind the new reRun movie theater, is also taking over an adjacent storefront at 145 Front Street, a space formerly occupied by P.S. Bookshop. So what could the rePeople possibly have planned for their new outpost? Some suggestions for sorely needed services our little corner of Dumbo would benefit from, after the jump.

rePrint Printing Workshop: From touristy Old Brooklyn pamphlets and maps to legit high-quality printing services for the galleries, publishers and artists who work nearby (not to mention Etsy HQ over on Main Street), an independent printing workshop would be fun and useful. Plus someone’s gotta print all those reRun movie calendars.

reFund Bank of Brooklyn: The locavore trend hasn’t extended into the financial services realm yet, but it’s about damn time. Blaming Wall Street for your financial troubles is easy, but there’d be no backroom deals going on down on Front Street. Also, Dumbo needs more banks.

reLaps Public Pool: Being near the East River is nice, except the temptation to jump into its cool, polluted waters can be excruciating (on days like today, for instance). In order not to end up with extra eyes, a clean public pool would be nice, and you could probably fit one of those dumpster pools into 145 Front Street.