Rubulad Loft Status Update

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07/27/2010 10:58 AM |

If the Brooklyn Paper continues to go with this image, we will, too.

  • If the Brooklyn Paper continues to go with this image, we will, too.

Last week we took note of a raid and possible eviction at the Clinton Hill space occupied by the arts collective Rubulad, whose periodic party we named the city’s best underground to-do just last year. Rubulad representatives dropped by the comments with their official statement, in which they noted inconsistencies between the Fire Department (who announced their “eviction,” citing fire-safety violations in the first-floor studio/event space’s “illegal cabaret”) and the Department of Buildings (who issued a noise violation but have not written up any safety violations or expressed intent to lock Rubulad out).

The Rubulad folks have now moved back into their apartments, the Brooklyn Paper‘s Aaron Short reports, though the first-floor studio/event space remains off-limits—pending, yes, the resolution of the FDNY and DOB’s competing assessments of the space’s safety. (This partly according to a spokesman for Williamsburg assembleyman Crazy Joe Lentol, pulling a Schumer and making himself visible around cool-kid issues.) Actual specific fire-code violations and subsequent improvements to the space, or else a slow quiet backing-down from the FDNY, seem the likeliest next steps, to be followed in either case by the resumption of crazy hipster raves you’re glad are still happening even if you would never go to them because you dress like a junior editor at the New Republic.

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  • Actually Rubulad’s owners called Joe Lentol for help and his office has been in touch with them almost daily since this nightmare began. He has been working to cut through the red tape at the FDNY and the DOB and to help Rubulad’s owners can identify the problem, solve it and get back into their workspace as soon as possible.