Shepard Fairey’s Bowery Mural Now a Shepard Fairey-Os Gemeos Collaboration

07/02/2010 10:29 AM |

Shepard Fairey Os Gemeos Bowery mural

To recap: Last summer, the Brazilian street art brothers Os Gemeos put up a superb piece on the Deitch Mural at Houston and Bowery, which, rather than being painted over was hidden by a new (and illegal) drywall on which Shepard Fairey pasted his promotional/propaganda, which instantly became a popular target for taggers and bombers. Now, via ANIMAL, someone has taken a hammer to the whole thing, breaking down portions of the drywall and making this, in effect, a Fairy-Os Gemeos collabo (pictured). How long before all traces of the Shep are gone?