So People Really Like Oberhofer…

07/22/2010 1:02 PM |


Not to be all “we told you so,” but we had a feeling we were onto something when we named Oberhofer a Band You Need to Hear this spring. When look like a Jonas brother but sound like a collision of The Dodos and MGMT, you’re not leaving people with much of a choice but to pay attention. Keep that in mind if you’re starting a band. Might not be a bad idea to get one of your songs in a SoBe promo with a famous swimsuit model either, or have a background in freestyle rapping.

That said, the once solo project of Brad Oberhofer has now turned into a full-fledged band with a 7” single for “o0O0o0O0o” (title makes much more sense after hearing it) and previously unreleased B-side “Don’tneedya” due out on August 3 (Happy Arcade Fire Day). It’s available for pre-order at Insound, but if you shoot the band an e-mail at, they promise to send some mp3s your way. Call it Christmas in July. Catch them with Memoryhouse, who could be described as a chillwave band if it weren’t for their focus on strong female vocals, and fellow Band You Need to Hear, Twin Sister, when they play Mercury Lounge on August 11. Should be a good one.