Some Questions About M.I.A. and Her Army of Lookalikes on Letterman

07/14/2010 10:14 AM |

Do we assume the lookalikes are wearing much less expensive reproductions of M.I.A.’s outfit? Do we think they were instructed to “act punk”? Do we assume she never saw Eminem do a much more impressive version of this at the VMAs ten years ago? Who do we blame for this sounding nowhere near as aggressively punishing as it does on record? Why are that man’s sunglasses lit up? What is that other man’s hat lit up? Am I the only one who just realized this song is at least a minute too long? How many meaner/much better jokes do you think Dave came up with during the performance?

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  • That was Martin Rev from Suicide (100% sure if Harvilla is reading). I didn’t recognize the drummer. Seriously that was the best thing I ever saw on Letterman.

  • Yeah, I don’t like the record much, but this sort of rules. Martin Rev just refusing to play the song she sampled, for much more aggressive noise was killer. Liked the confused, polite clapping after.