Sonny & the Sunsets: The Newest Addition to Your Summertime Playlist

07/09/2010 4:46 PM |

It’s understandable if, every so often, you’re overcome with jealousy by those living in San Francisco. They’re able to feel nostalgic for home every time there’s a rerun of Full House, they have that whole sourdough bread thing going on, and they have some very decent bands coming out of the city, one of which goes by Sonny & the Sunsets. We wanted to get these guys to play Northside on account of their Jonathan Richman-indebted, summery-without-falling-into-lo-fi-beach-band sound, but they were on tour with Ty Segall at the time. Damn that Ty Segall. We should all listen to “To Young to Burn” then and cross our fingers they’ll be making their way to New York when their album, Tomorrow Is Alright, gets reissued on Fat Possum come August 31.