Spain Beats Holland to Win First World Cup, L Magazine Editorial Staff Wonders What To Do with the Rest of the Summer

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07/12/2010 10:28 AM |


After a fractious, poorly officiated game in which each team blazed a free header over the bar and were denied on a breakaway, Spain’s Andres Iniesta finally put one away a few minutes from the end of extra time in Sunday’s World Cup final, making Spain champions for the first time and writing another fairly wrenching chapter in the history of Dutch football. (Here’s an article written by someone who was assigned the job of going around and interviewing depressed Dutch people.) What are we doing to do with all this free time we suddenly have? I hear Governor’s Island is nice…

The prospect of the defending European and World champs drawing a rematch with an aging, aggrieved Dutch side or an ascendant Germany, two years hence at Euro 2012 or four years on at the World Cup in Brazil, is quite tasty, and underscores the enormous international soccer tournament-sized void now gurgling deep within all our souls.

Now comes the part where we figure out whether Americans care about soccer for the four years between now and then—with all the apps at our disposal (can you imagine how good and accessible online streaming will get in the next four years? That’s like a century in technology time), it might finally be the case that we do.

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  • I don’t understand all this “the right team won” crap from that Guardian reporter. If Robben scores in the 82nd minute it’s all over. The goddamned Pulpo. It’s a freaking nightmare. I picked Spain to get knocked out in the group stages and there they go all the way. Can’t begrudge them but they were getting lucky in every game. Especially vs Germany who started with some bullshit tactics of walking around/ no pressure football. Low should be fired for that game. Thanks for the coverage here, it was a good read. I’m upset and I was neutral, so imagine Holland today.