SummerScreen Band Spotlight: Light Asylum

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07/13/2010 4:02 PM |

Thanks to Free Williamsburg, the synth-happy members of Light Asylum will be gracing our presence at SummerScreen tomorrow when they perform before the free viewing of Labyrinth. This post-punk duo is not afraid of pumping out wavering notes that sound like they could be the soundtrack to a Goosebumps novel, nor would they be afraid of some scary David Bowie, or rather, sounding like scary David Bowie. Later in the night when we all have to listen to some decapitated Firies sing some song about being in a gang or whatever, we’ll remember how great Light Asylum was.

Light Asylum will go on tomorrow at 7:15 following an equally great performance from Mirror Mirror. Gates open at 6. See you there lightning bolt face!