SummerScreen Band Spotlight: Mirror Mirror

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07/13/2010 1:59 PM |

Tomorrow, before the glitter, before the lightning bolts, and before the felt of our screening of Labyrinth, we invite you to enjoy two FREE live performances from Mirror Mirror and Light Asylum. The two bands were hand-picked by the geniuses over at Free Williamsburg.

The foreboding Morrissey-like vocals from the dudes of Mirror Mirror will get you in the mood for giant fantastical goblin puppets, and really, what other band can say they have that skill? Check out this video for “New Horizons.” If watching it doesn’t give you another reason to wear something metallic tomorrow well then, we’ll owe you an Asia Dog or something.

Mirror Mirror goes on at 6:15 tomorrow. See you there!

Mirror Mirror “New Horizons” HD from Mirror Mirror on Vimeo.