The Internet Is the Future! (Of Film Criticism)

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07/20/2010 2:02 PM |

This is the first Google Image Search result for internet film criticism.

  • This is the first Google Image Search result for “internet film criticism.”

Sometime L contributor Paul Brunick is in the new issue of Film Comment, contextualizing the current state of film criticism, from old-media layoffs to an army of unpaid online strivers with wildly divergent projects and abilities, within the history of the profession—or, more accurately given the amateur spirit of even Sarris and Kael, the practice. It’s part one of a two-part series; his second piece will attempt to define something like an ideal future of online film criticism. To that end, and so Film Comment subscribers like me have two whole months to acclimate themselves to the wild woolly world of online film criticism, Paul and some other associates—including fellow L chipper-inners Cullen Gallagher, Jesse P. Finnegan, Andrew Chan and David Phelps—have assembled a list of 40 essential film criticism websites, spanning long-form journals, personal sites, screengrab blogs, streaming sites and databases. (I’m sure the omission of The L is just to avoid the appearance of bias.) Anyway, if you want to get free from the middleman and go straight to reading things I end up blogging about before I end up blogging about them, you should check it out.