This Week in FeMC News: Foxy Brown Arrested in Brooklyn, Rah Digga Finally Back

07/23/2010 3:31 PM |

Foxy Brown, half-deaf former leading lady of Def Jam was arraigned this week on charges that she cursed, threw her Blackberry at and mooned (while yelling the obligatory “Kiss my ass!”) her arch nemesis and neighbor outside her house in Prospect Heights. If convicted she’ll face as many as seven years in prison, which is about as long as it’s been since she’s made a song worth listening to. In feMCs we like news, Busta Rhymes protege Rah Digga is prepping her long-delayed (and entirely Nottz-produced!) sophomore album Classic (out September 14) and just dropped this video for the lead single, “This Ain’t no Lil’ Kid Rap.” Between Rah and Nicki Minaj, is it finally time for the long-delayed reign of the female rapper? Please?