Tron Director: “America Never Got Me”

07/27/2010 2:47 PM |

Were not like other animations

  • “We’re not like other animations”

In an article about the long and hard marketing campaign behind Disney’s upcoming Tron…”reboot,” Times reporter Brooke Barnes compares the 2010 blockbuster-to-be to its humble 1982 predecessor.

The original “Tron,” released in 1982 and loaded with computer-generated effects, was a hit with the young male crowd, who quickly turned a related arcade game into a success. But the movie failed to attract a wide audience. The story — a man is pulled inside a video game and is forced to play space-age gladiator games — turned off mainstream moviegoers.

“It went beyond suburbia’s ability to deal with it at the time,” said Steven Lisberger, who directed and wrote “Tron.”

We’d tease Mr. Lisberger for this seeming pretension, except The Simpsons has proved him right:

(note: we could only find this clip in Spanish. You get it.)