Ugh: Of Montreal and Solange Knowles Perform “Sex Karma” on Fallon

07/30/2010 10:45 AM |

Alright, so, a couple things about this:

1) If M.I.A. had employed mimes a couple weeks ago when she did “Born Free” on Letterman, perhaps I would understand why everyone thought it was sooooo good.

2) It makes no sense to methat everyone cries classist or racist or whatever when Vampire Weekend uses auto-tune or expresses an interest in African music, yet it’s perfectly acceptable for Kevin Barnes to do this Prince-lite sex-jam thing, with lines like, “You look like a playground to me, playa” and the awesomely objectifying “You are my only luxury item.” The white face paint only makes the whole thing worse.

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  • Well, she could have went with gingers instead of look-alikes, if she wanted to play off the video. I thought it was “so good” because she got Suicide’s Martin Rev a gig on national tv, first and foremost. I also think this is her best track and I like the video a lot. The anonymous drummer was not outstanding but sufficient. I guess that’s her backing band drummer. And just fyi I’m not a big MIA fan, walked out on her gig at Siren Fest few years back, so yeah…

  • I agree with you here, Mike – I think Kevin Barnes is a bit douche-y, and I’ve never been a big fan of Of Montreal in general, but you have to admit that this song is really catchy. I’ve always seen their whole image as kind of a gimmick for a weird kind of indie pop that’s not really all that great, but in a lot of ways I’m glad they’re doing something besides just standing on stage and half-heartedly playing through the tracklist of their most recent album.