Watch Belle & Sebastian Debut New Song in Helsinki

07/14/2010 3:33 PM |

Not sure why Conklin isn’t all over this, but the twee-leaning Scots are at it again, making a round of festival gigs (not to mention a September 30 show at the Williamsburg Waterfront) before releasing their first album in over four years. Finnish fans got a taste of what one can assume will be material from said album at the opening of the band’s show in Helsinki this week. Titled “I Didn’t See It Coming,” it’s a boy-girl duet, one that rhymes “honey” with “money” and sounds slightly sadder than anything from The Life Pursuit. Add that to the fact that Stuart appears onstage in a red jacket color-coordinated with the rest of the band (natch) and does a run-in-place dance thing throughout the song, and it’s enough to make hearts melt.

Via Stereogum