Weird: There’s a New Jimmy Eat World Record Coming Out, Because Jimmy Eat World Still Exist

07/26/2010 2:11 PM |


I just got an email about a Jimmy Eat World tour kicking off in late September. I assumed it was another silly reunion tour thing, but then I read further and I find out that they’ve actually got a new record, Invented, coming out on September 24th. And then I checked their Wikipedia page and found out they didn’t break up the day after that video for “The Middle” stopped airing on MTV like I figured they had—that, in fact, they released a record in 2007 called Chase This Light, which I had definitely never heard of, but which has apparently sold somewhere around a half a million copies? Weird.

Anyway, like I said, Invented hits stores on September 24th, and it was produced by Mark Trombino, who also worked on Static Prevails, Clarity and Bleed American, which are the Jimmy Eat World records people like me (people who don’t like Jimmy Eat World) have heard of, so that sounds promising, I guess. Lead single “My Best Theory,” is scheduled for release in early August and the band plays Terminal 5 on October 14th.