What Is the State of Rock & Roll in America Today?

07/16/2010 5:00 PM |


Throughout May and early June, the neo-Gonzo tag team of filmmaker Scott Sloan and former Paste Magazine editor Steve LaBate traveled the country, seeing and interviewing 40 bands in 40 cities in 40 nights — acts as varied as Third Eye Blind and Baroness to Of Montreal and RATT — in an attempt to find out what, exactly, is up with rock ‘n’ roll in America today. Are arena-sized rock bands in vein of AC/DC a thing of the past? Or has “true” rock ‘n’ roll been pushed into the corners of dimly lit dive bars and warehouses? That sort of thing.

The subsequent feature film and book, 40 Nights of Rock & Roll, have yet to receive release dates, but Consequence of Sound has an interesting interview with LaBate about how they selected which bands to see and some insight on following in the steps of gonzo journalism grandaddy Hunter S. Thompson, and there’s some videos, a road blog and more over at the project’s web site to hold you over.