Where Are They Now: The Labyrinth Edition

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07/12/2010 10:34 AM |

Well, we did it. We found a present day picture of the actor who played baby Toby in Labyrinth. For someone who spent a good deal of time being fondled by a gigantic neon goblin while his Id and Super Ego were developing, he seems surprisingly well adjusted. Not to mention he had to work with all those puppets too.

In the film of Labyrinth (which plays at SummerScreen this Wednesday), the young babe Toby is stolen by David Bowie to teach Toby’s older sister Jennifer Connelly the valuable lesson of not being a Ren Faire nerd. Toby’s performance as the kidnapped infant who can go twelve hours without breast milk ranks up there with the best baby performances of all time along with Mary Kate Olsen in Full House and Bruce Willis in Look Who’s Talking.

Come see Labyrinth for free this Wednesday at The McCarren Park ballfields on N 11th between Bedford and Berry Sts. Before the film, enjoy a free concert by Mirror Mirror and Light Asylum, brought to you by Free Williamsburg, beginning at 6:15. Bring a chair, a muppet, and have a beer. See you there.